Depends adult diaper joke and my comments:The joke circulating on facebook:
Does anyone know why baby diapers
are called Luvs & Huggies while old
people diapers are called Depends?
Cause if a baby craps in their pants,
you are still gonna Luv'em & Hug'em.
If an old person craps in their pants,
will they still be Luv'ed or Hugged?
That "Depends" on whos ass is in the
Will.this is quite funny yet sad and true at the same time for several reasons. 1) countless Americans both child young adult and old adults suffer from varying degrees of urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, or both. many have to wear a diaper to manage and live the most active life possible and it isn't easy. its horribly embarrassing and with the way society tends to treat incontinence as both a taboo subject and something to either pity or even outright make fun of, living each day can be a stressful excercise. its not hard to feel shame and that shame is a direct result of how we as a society deal with incontinence and adult diapers. diapers and lack of bodily control are considered developments of infancy and toddlerhood but no matter how its handled, its a very real reality of countless people young an old who are way past the age of having their diaper changed but as human beings, no less deserving of love, respect and dignity.2) the last part of the post reminds us that gone are the days where finances and large estates, didn't, at least on the same level, dictate how we approached our parents latter years of life. we don't respect and love family like we used to. we don't value them like we used to. with parents we move out of the home as far away and as quickly as possible and then when they need us we draw straws and claim immunity on the basis of rugged American individuality.America.  I'm sad right now. we can do better.


Joe Kelly
07/08/2013 1:34pm

It's hard to follow with a comment after Kevin's done a great job pointing out that diaper stigma is alive and well. Changing a messy diaper is hard enough for a parent of a baby....I really can't imagine changing a messy diaper for an adult....elderly or infirm or what ever. I am so happy that I can change my own diaper and I hope that continues "forever" so I will not be a burden. But many in our society don't have a say in how things turn out when things go bad....and they lose that ability to control bodily functions....

Kevin hits the nail right on the head when he speaks of loss of ability to control basic bodily functions and the demeaning effect it has on quality of life. I read someplace that incontinence was one of the biggest factors in placing a loved one in a nursing, yes, people generally, do NOT want to deal with diapers!

Sad.....that Kevin is right on .... he's sad and thinking we can do better.....yeah, we probably can.....but when?

kevin cline
07/08/2013 2:22pm

What I'm still trying to figure out is: 1) how do we change a baby's poopy diaper with all the love and affection that comes with it and knowing that baby needs you to do that, you do it with a smile and maybe a little sing song teasing. Then you think of how the attitudes change when its and adult or even an older child. I mean think about how everyone talks about poopy diapers being this horrible necessity of baby/toddler Hood and then think about the attitude of a room full of moms when all of a sudden, the 2 year old playing on the floor poops in his diaper. Is it "OMG your little bastard child just ruined my lunch" or is it "ahh somebody just stinkied his pants"? Of course no adult or older child would want to have some one announce to the room that you stinkied your pants but I do imagine what it would be like if I didn't have to make a mad scramble for privacy to clean my self up after a poppy diaper. Why do I have to be embarrassed that something just happened I couldn't control and that I have to wear diapers? Maybe just once I can walk to the bathroom instead of run...a Guy can dream.

And 2) why can women vagina measure about whose child has potty trained faster or talk at a lunch date about how 4 year old Sammy is just so stubborn with the potty training thing and every one present gets to make a cutesy comment but society can't leave behind the stigma of diapers and incontinence. I can just imagine a different lunch date conversation starting something like..."damn, any one else hate how diapers for us old farts are getting paper thin while our bladders aren't getting any smaller"

11/30/2013 3:41am

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